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Nausicaa in Boulogne-sur-Mer

A place to learn and understand while dreaming! Nausicaa offers a fun, educational and scientific visit in order to make visitors aware of better management of the oceans and their resources. Phone : -

Castle Museum in Boulogne-sur-Mer

Created in 1825 following the acquisition of the cabinet of curiosity of Viscount Isidore Leroy de Barde, the first natural history painter to King Louis XVIII, the Boulogne sur Mer museum maintains rich and varied collections.
This diversity is explained in particular by the geographical location of the city, at the seaside. Many Boulogne travelers left to discover the world and offered the collected objects to the museum upon their return. Scholars of Boulogne origins, such as Ernest Hamy, founder of the Trocadero Museum in Paris, have also been keen to enrich the museum in their hometown.

The Castle of Hardelot

Welcome to the 19th century, in this manor on the borders of the Franco-British border. Here, the Guy family piano tunes still sound. One can also easily imagine strolling the prestigious guests of John Whitley. Discover the Victorian dining room, go to the smoking room, take the time while passing in the living room then enter the opulent atmosphere of the private apartments ... An interior typical of this period is unveiled before your eyes, enriched with works of art prestigious from the largest museums. In parallel with the history of the castle, everything here bears the seal of great history, that of the bonds of love and disaffection between France and Great Britain. Tiles, with patterns similar to those of the London Parliament, wallpaper that was all the rage at the time, lincrusta from the factories of John Whitley, the pipe of Charles Dickens to the evocations of the cross-Channel adventure, every detail participates to the story of this surprising story, spanning from William the Conqueror to the present day. On the top floor, Father Bouly's cabinet of curiosities ends the visit in no less confusing fashion.

The sea dike at Wimereux

WIMEREUX is a tourist resort with character located on the Opal Coast as well as a town in the Regional Natural Park of Caps and Opal Marshes.
This resort has retained the charm of seaside traditions, preserving its very stylish architecture from the beginning of the century while adding a remarkable dynamism in terms of entertainment, equipment, town planning, making it one of the most popular tourist spots busiest of the Opal Coast.

The dunes of Mont Saint Frieux

This vast site is made up of dunes placed on a chalky hill. The summit of Mont Saint Frieux rises to 152 meters and offers an exceptional view from Equihen-Plage to Authie Bay. It was here that at the beginning of the Middle Ages, Saint Frieux oversaw the merry-go-round of the Vikings and warned the inhabitants of their arrival. From the seaside inland, it includes sea leash vegetation, white dunes with seagrass, gray dunes with mosses and lichens, dune breakdowns (wet depressions), wooded dunes and limestone lawns. At the foot of the mountain, numerous springs feed streams, marshes and ponds. Part of the site is grazed by cattle - Highland Cattle and Dexters - and Highland and Shetland ponies; they are potentially visible on the Chablis trail.